Focus on the positive

As we are getting older day by day, we learn many lessons and concepts about life, people, and this world. Some of these lessons get blown away as we don’t take them seriously, while some of them get stuck in our mind, which eventually turns into beliefs and concepts. I think, these experiences and lessons greatly influence on how we are going to behave in the future. We become more careful and conservative while moving forward in this race that we all are running in, called “Life”. Let me explain this with an example, if one of your close friends broke your trust, you would not dare to trust anyone in the future, you shut down, protect, and hide your vulnerability. This is the way, how our bad experiences influence our future decisions. However, it does not mean that we should stop trusting people because a person who trusts no one can never be trusted. There are some people in our life, who truly love us, motivate us, and make us happy. Let me paraphrase one of the quotes of Mother Theresa, “give the world your trust and you may get hurt. Give the world your trust anyway”. So, keep trusting, try to get some positive impact out of these experiences, share and spread the happiness anyway, and keep smiling. 🙂


The new Sunshine

A poor little soul captured in a cage, stuck in for years,

And it’s getting dark everywhere,

Felt drowning in this dark, Shouting for the freedom, while, no one is listening,

Having a lot of heartiest desires,

Wants to fulfill this black and white world with bright shining colors,

wants to be happy and free again,

Waiting for the hope,

For the sunshine, For the new day,

Waiting for a new dawn that brings a message of freedom!


Keeping on

I’ve dreamed many dreams that never came true

I’ve seen them vanish at Dawn

But I’ve realized enough of my dreams, thank GOD

To make me want to dream on,

I have prayed many prayers when no answer came

Though, I waited patient and long

But answers have come to enough of my prayers

To make me want to keep praying on,

I’ve trusted many friends that failed

And left me to weep alone

But I’ve found enough of my friends true

To make me keep trusting on,

I’ve drained the cup of Disappointment and Pain

And gone many days without a smile

But I’ve sipped enough nectar from the roses of life

To make me want to live on!







I’m just a dreamer

As days passing by, with every dawn to dusk, I hope for a better tomorrow.  I hope a new sunrise will bring a positive signal, a better sign for tomorrow. I am still living with a hope that Dawn will bring a better place not just for us, but for those who came after us. I’m just a dreamer who dreams of better days!

Under the stars

Last night, while walking on my way to home I found a little boy sitting near the street, burning a fire to keep himself warm. He was sitting in the dark with trees all around, no food, no shelter, and no blanket at all. I felt really sorry for this poor little soul, I was unable to do anything even though I wanted to help. Not just this kid, there are hundreds and thousands of them out there with no home to stay, nowhere to go. These pavements are their beds under the stars, and their life doesn’t end at the end of the day. I always wonder, how could we sleep in our beds with blankets and stuff to warm ourselves, while these poor bodies have nothing to even cover themselves.

Thanks a million!

Thank you, sir, for so much encouragement and motivation. I won’t be able to survive here without your moral support. I always thought that life is so unfair to me, why it’s only me who has to face the hardships of life? I always thought that there is no one who understands me or who thinks the same way as me. Now I realize that there are people out there who are going or have gone through much more difficulties than me. I am so reserve type that I won’t say a word to anyone no matter how much worst circumstances I am going through. I am not sure how you could read my face but you predicted everything correct about me. I would like to say thanks for all those motivation and encouragement that you gave me. May you get much more success in every aspect of life. Stay blessed and happy always! 🙂

That feeling!

Sometimes, we go through the sticky situations in our life. We are actually not sure, that what we are looking for and what we are supposed to do. The heart is saying something while we are actually looking for something else. There’s this feeling of emptiness inside. Are we supposed to follow our heart? or should we let go the way things are going? How to get out of this sticky situation? This is probably most devastating feeling like a void inside that may only heal with time. Sometimes we keep our feelings to ourselves only because we think its hard for others to understand. I am unable to describe exactly what is the matter with me; now and then there are horrible fits of anxiety, apparently without cause, or otherwise feeling of emptiness and fatigue in the head.


The worst feeling ever in this world is “being ignored” even then being rejected. It makes you feel as if you don’t matter at all. You must remember that you’re dealing with human beings, you may hurt the feelings of the person you are not responding. Might you want to show a little extra courtesy by leaving just a bit of your room in your crowded or busy days? Don’t leave anyone hanging or waiting for your response, it won’t take much of your time for just a quick or brief response especially for the ones who care. Because it sucks when you’re ignored by the person whose attention is the only thing you want in the world. It’s sad when you realize you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were. “The worst mistake you can make is walking away from the person who actually stood there and waited for you”!

Maybe I did expect too much!

Today morning, while walking down the empty road, cold wind, and beautiful weather I reminded you and forget everything around me.  I am not sure about this feeling, even though I knew it from the very start, that there is someone who owns your heart; even if I see, you’re not sitting next to me. I am still hoping someday you will be. So silly of me to expect too much. I don’t really know why I’m still hoping!


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